5 Tips To Follow When Attending A Music Festival As A Wheelchair User

Summer is just around the corner, and you know what that means – the festival season. One of the favorite events of the summer is music festivals. You get a chance to listen to good music echoing from the stage and to mingle with the crowd. But what if you are in a wheelchair?

If you are attending a music festival in a wheelchair it might be a little scary. You might not be sure what to expect when you get there. How can you enjoy the festival? Do not despair, as we are here with tips on how you can have the time of your life in this season.

Tips to follow when attending music festivals as a wheelchair user:

Get A Free Carer Ticket

Before you go to a music festival make sure you can get a carer ticket. That means that you will have someone to help you while attending the festival. For instance, if you need help to navigate the wheelchair ramps or get across uneven places, the carer comes in handy. You could also get a friend agree with you on sharing the cost of the ticket. You can either split the cost and save money, or you can pay it all in one.

Get A Good Parking Spot

Most festivals organizers allow people with disabilities to park their car next to the tent. Also look for social amenities to avoid parking so far away. If you are not allowed to have the tent next to your car, make sure you can still access it with ease. Be sure to remember where your parking spot is to avoid wading through countless cars.

Make Friends

Festivals are known to muddy and that is bad news for wheelchair users. Make friends as they will come in handy when things get thick. Do not hold yourself back, bring out the shine and make as many friends as you can.

Ask For Viewing Platform For People With Disability

To enjoy the view and the music, locate the viewing platform for people with disabilities. The viewing platform will not only offer an excellent view but will save you the stress of large crowds. Make sure that you arrive early to get a good viewing spot.

Find The Medical Tent

Whether you have a medical condition or not, locate the medical tent. It is necessary to know where you can get help in case something comes up. Most festival organizers have stewards who are trained in first aid and can help with any issue you may encounter.


If you are a wheelchair user, attending a music festival can be an overwhelming experience. There are many obstacles that could make it difficult to enjoy the event with your friends and family members who are not in wheelchairs. Luckily, we have listed some things you should know beforehand. Follow our tips and we are sure that you will have the best possible time at the show.

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